PLAY the popup RADIO

Music and Sons has registered a patent to equip garments for music or, as we like to say, “to music” garments.
With this simple but very useful technology you can easily listen to any portable multimedia player (iPod, Mp3 player, mutimedia mobile, portable radio...) while on the way.

Hidden and Waterproof

A thread wire has been integrated into the garment; on the back of the collar, where the earphones can be connected, down through the side, it reaches a pocket to host the Mp3 player. This is a special thread, - washable - invisible from the outer side - that does not change the t-shirt’s comfort and wearability

Short special earphones

Back neck collar plug can be connected to the special
Music and Sons short earphones (issued with the t-shirt) specifically designed to give freedom of movement, while keeping the wires out of the way. However, if you prefer, you can connect your own earphones.